For me, my first time listening to coldplay is when viva la vida was all over the radio. For some reason that song always made me smile bc I didn’t feel alone. I came across them yrs later n started to listen to their popular mylo songs. Around that time I was in my first year in high school. Dreaded it cuz I had no friends there, I was extremely shy n I had to sit in the bathroom to eat lunch. Paradise was really a song I connected to n something I can escape to. It wasn’t until the next year I wanted to commit to Coldplay. I began listening to parachutes n fell absolutely in love. Followed by Rush, x & y, viva and mylo. Now there isn’t a day I don’t listen to them.
when u meet ppl who also likes Coldplay, sharing our excitement about Ghost Stories, r just them in general. Somehow we aren’t that alone, we’re all in this together.
I am so happy to be a part of this coldplay family :D